Bus Advertising, Train Advertising, Cab Advertising and Auto Advertising are treated as Transit Advertising or Moving Outdoor Media. Bus advertising is having the major part of  share in Outdoor advertising media. Bus ads are occupied in two sides and back panel of the Bus used by outdoor Advertisers to reach the public with their paintings and vinyl Flex banners.

 Bus advertising or Bus branding :

Bus Ads are takes the outline of promoting business brands, but can also be used for Outdoor Advertising messages. Bus media may also use as part of a political or elections campaign, or as a tool in a business activity. Bus branding cost having vary from city to city.

Train Advertising :

Train Outdoor Advertising creatives often positioned as necessary to paste based on the Train Box size advertisement banners on the out sides and inside of the Train. Train Advertising Banners may be applying directly to the Train structure. Additionally, adverts may print on form sheets known as boards, which slotted into proper show fittings attached to the out side of the Train. Train outside branding costing is high compare to other outdoor media formats.

Cab advertising and Auto Advertising :

In Cab or Auto Advertisement campaign are descend as Total Auto turned into an advertisement. It can be a whole side and Back side of Cab or Auto applied to outdoor advertising. Cab advertising cost is nominal when compares to billboard and auto advertising cost is very cheap to reach audience.

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