is Cloud Based Online Marketplace, No Need to Buy any Supply Side and Demand Side Programmatic Out of Home Software’s; it Connects Both SSP and DSP Online. A Media Owner has to Login and Upload His Outdoor Media Inventory from his Dashboard. Hoarding Owners’ Registration and Hoardings Inventory Listings are Free for Access:

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Merahoardings.Com Is An Online Selling Platform For Outdoor Advertising Companies. Our Team will Help You Upload Outdoor Media listings from Our Side. Please Registers Your Advertising Agency details and send all Your Hoardings’ Information in this Format :

Sample Format:

   01        KOTI,     HYDERABAD    30X 30  900  LIGHTING     RAMKOTI     KOTI  40,000/-


And Attach One Long and Short Board Photographs to ,


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OOH Cloud-based digital signage software and out of home advertising programmatic software technology company that automates outdoor advertising buying and selling.

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